Orcharding links

We are proud to be part of the York Traditional Orchard Group

January 2016 saw the first meeting of York Traditional Orchard Group, a place where member groups from around the city hope to identify and conserve existing orchards; act as a contact/hub for information; and act as a forum for sharing ideas and information.

Potential areas for cooperation were identified:

  • Workshops and courses
  • Task days/work parties
  • Fundraising
  • Management plans
  • Promoting biodiversity
  • Identifying varieties of fruit
  • Storing, collection and using fruit
  • Community events e.g. apple day
  • Responding to consultations

Traditional orchards are wildlife havens which contain elements of woodland, pasture and meadow grassland, and are often bordered by native hedgerows. They are recognised as representing biodiversity hotspots and consequently were identified as priority habitats through both the UK Biodiversity Action Plan and the York Biodiversity Action Plan.

York orchards and groups

Danesmead Orchard, Fulford (no website)

Dormouse Orchard, Clifton

Greenfields, Haxby Road

St Nicks, Tang Hall

Tang Hall Community Orchard, Tang Hall

TCV York

The York Orchard, Edible York

A selection of national links with information on orchards

Brogdale – Home of the National Fruit Collection

Common Ground: the originators of the community orchard concept

Department for Communities and Local Government: Community Orchards – How to Guide

The Urban Orchard Project

Orchard Network

PTES – Traditional Orchards: A guide to wildlife and management


Mapping apples – Apples as cultural-political artefacts

An interesting read from a Friend of Fulford Community Orchard, Katrina Foxton.