A Community Orchard to share

Fulford Community Orchard is what remains of the old orchard that originally belonged to Naburn Hospital. Many of the trees were planted some ninety-plus years ago.

When the hospital was demolished in the 1980s to make way for York Designer Outlet the orchard was neglected and uncared for. Later saved from development, over fifty trees have survived (a mixture of plums, damson, pear and apple). They have for the past seven years become the basis of a community orchard for Fulford.


Community orchards are growing in popularity, both in York and around the country. Find out more about York’s orchard heritage and its future here, and further national details here.

The orchard has been fenced off, a sign erected, and with dedication and time, the Friends of Fulford Community Orchard have worked to make the orchard a place for both people and wildlife to enjoy. We make many different jams and chutneys with the produce which are sold to support the costs of maintaining the site. This also gives everyone a chance to taste some great local Fulford food. You may also like to take any windfalls from the orchard for your own use, but please leave the fruit on the trees for communal harvesting.

Where trees have died we have replaced them with similar local varieties, while wildflower planting and the installation of bird and bat boxes also helps to make the orchard a refuge for wildlife.

The trees are set in pleasant open grassland and it is hoped that as many residents of Fulford as possible will be able to support and enjoy the orchard, its fruit and its wildlife for many years to come. There is however still much to do and so your help is needed!

The process of identifying the different varieties of fruit tree on the site is still ongoing – there are twenty pear trees, twenty-nine plum or damson trees, and seven apple trees.

We have so far tentatively identified the following:

Pears: Marie Louise d’Uccle; Hessle; Louise Bonne of Jersey; Bergamotte d’Autommne (Autumn Bergamotte); Doyenne Bussoch (or Doyenne Boussoch); Seckle; Hessle; Fertility (might be Williams Bon Chretien); Williams; Vicar of Winkfield; Cattilac.
Apples: Keswick Codlin (1); Gascoyne’s Scarlet (2); Grenadier (1) (cooker); Bramley’s Seedling (cooker); Ellison’s Orange (1)(dessert)
Plums: Victoria; Belle de Louvaine; Czar; Bittern (Unusual?); Yellow Plum/Gage? – Early Transparent Gage or Oullin’s Gage; River’s Early Prolific (or Plum Blue Rock).
Damson: Prune

We have regular volunteering days at the orchard, often on a Sunday afternoon. Dates will be posted here, on our twitter account and on facebook. It’s always a pleasure to welcome new volunteers and visitors.

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